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Performance Lists - 2015

These lists show the best known performance in each standard Olympic event achieved by St Peter's AC athletes. Additional athletes' best known performances are also shown in these lists, where these match or exceed our standards.

Performances achieved in indoor competition or 5km/10km road/cross country races are shown in italics.

Please contact us if you are aware of any other performances which should be included in these lists.

Note: CE = Combined Events (e.g. Pentathlon, Heptathlon, Decathlon).

Dublin (S) = Santry, Dublin; Liverpool (L) = Liverpool (Litherland).

Senior Men
100m 11.4 Daniel Finley U20 Louth Jun Ch Drogheda
200m 23.3 Conor Durnin U20 Louth Jun Ch Drogheda
400m 52.13 Mark Rogers U20 Connacht Ch Athlone
57.5 Conor Durnin U20 Boyne Sports Drogheda
800m 1:59.09 Mark Rogers U20 Irish Ch Athlone
2:16.14 Gabriel Bell U15 Leinster Juv Ch Tullamore
1500m 4:56.2 Luke Finley U19 Louth Juv Ch Bush
5000m 18:22 Luke Finley U19 Glenmore 5K Carlingford
10000m 42:03 Luke Finley U19 Carligford 10K Carlingford
400m H 57.45 Mark Rogers U20 Leinster Sch Ch Dublin (S)
High J 1.82 Mark Rogers U20 Irish CE Ch Athlone
1.73 Daniel Finley U20 Boyne Sports Drogheda
Long J 6.51 Conor Durnin U20 Leinster Sch Ch Dublin (S)
5.94 Gabriel Bell U15 Irish Juv CE Ch Tullamore
5.81 Mark Rogers U20 Irish CE Ch Athlone
Triple J 13.86 Conor Durnin U20 Irish Sch Ch Tullamore
Shot 9.62 Tom McGrane M50 Louth Ch Drogheda
Discus 21.30 Tom McGrane M50 Irish Univ Ch Belfast
Hammer 20.53 Tom McGrane M50 Ulster Ch Belfast
Javelin 42.63 Daniel Finley U20 Louth Jun Ch Drogheda
4x100m 52.1 Daniel Finley U20 Louth Ch Drogheda
Luke Finley U19
Brendan Rogers M55
Tom McGrane M50
Senior Women
100m 13.4 Chloe Finley U18 Louth Juv Ch Bush
13.4 Eleanor Hoey U20 Louth Jun Ch Drogheda
200m 28.5 Chloe Finley U18 Louth Juv Ch Bush
400m 1:17.7 Niamh Brady U11 Louth Juv Pre-Ch Bush
800m 3:13.4 Ava Brennan U15 Louth Juv Pre-Ch Bush
5000m 25:34 Chloe Finley U18 Parkrun Oldbridge
10000m 54:15 Niamh Fussey U23 Annagassan 10K Annagassan
High J 1.73 Emily Rogers U23 Irish Univ Ch Athlone
1.68 Emily Rogers U23 CSIT World Games Lignano
Long J 4.97 Chloe Finley U18 Setanta Games Bush
Triple J 10.19 Chloe Finley U18 Leinster Juv Ch Athlone
9.72 Chloe Finley U18 N Leinster Sch Ch Dublin (S)
Shot 9.16 Chloe Finley U18 Louth Juv Pre-Ch Bush
Discus 25.00 Katie Murphy U15 Southport W'loo Meet Liverpool (L)
Javelin 40.31 Olivia McDonald Sen Louth Ch Drogheda
4x100m 58.9 Chloe Finley U18 Louth Ch Drogheda
Emily Rogers U23
Maria Duffy W50
Eleanor Hoey U20